Our objective is the successful & innovative interim use of your space, facilities and buildings that are intended for sale or also temporarily unused, for the time in which there is no definitive dedication or effective further, actual use.  

The time factor

Constant growth within a communal or national region is definitely positive and expedient. The calculation, planning, approvals and, last but not least, the logistical implementation are just a few of the time resources required to implement your planned building project, to develop your newly acquired area or one of your unused existing properties.

There are an unbelievable number of moments when which often justify a fallow location for years.

Your benefit at a standstill
Achieve decisive advantages with us within the otherwise unused areas, systems and buildings. You can also benefit from our synergies such as retention and increase in value, protection against expiry or a later sales discount.

Thanks to our extremely flexible and innovative handling that is tailor-made for each project, Zett-N enables almost complete, temporary interim use. From the sale to the renovation, from the planning to the first groundbreaking or even from abandonment to the definitive property takeover and new use.

We are there when you want us and only as long as you need us. Flexibility is our passion.